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It all starts with partnering up. Sign up to the TunePartner app. The TunePartner app is an easy-to-use platform where you upload your musical work. Not only do we offer our services to artists. Music labels are more than welcome too.

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2. Upload your tunes

After signing up, you can move straight to uploading songs. In just a few simple steps you upload your music by creating an album and add the songs to that album. You will always be able to find the albums and songs you've uploaded in your TunePartner environment. Like we promise; you are in control.

3. Distribution

It might take you by surprise, but now you're ready to send your music out there. The TunePartner app allows you to tick all the boxes of the platforms you would like to distribute your music to. This choice can be made per album. With over 30 supported stores there is a big audience waiting for your work. 

We’ll make sure your music will be distributed to the platforms within 24 hours. After distribution it might take a few hours for your fans to be able to listen to your music on the streaming platforms.


4. Get your music heard

Within 24 hours your music is sent to the stores and your fans can start listening to you on their favorite streaming service.

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