TunePartner is a straight forwarded distribution platform to get your music on all the major streaming services. Within 24 hours your albums will be delivered to the stores, which is faster than any other platform in the market. You stay in control over your music. You decide which albums, when and to which platform you’d like to distribute to.

The initial investment is ZERO. You can get started for free. Once you’ve uploaded your albums and they start making revenue, we split the revenue 80/20. No hidden fees.

Sign up  with your email and the TunePartner platform will guide you.

Once you’ve logged in to the TunePartner platform you go to the Assets page, click on the Actions button and select ‘Create new release’.

Your revenue will be transferred through PayPal.

The TunePartner platform shows daily analytics to show the streams and downloads of your albums. This way you have up-to-date information on the success of your music. There are also much more analytics to see like for example streams and revenue geographically, per release, song, artist, label and DSP. 

That’s up to you. You’re in control of the distribution of your music. TunePartner has a partnership with over 30 stores. Click here to find the full list of stores.

Your album will be revievwed by the TunePartner team within 24 hours, after approval your music will be directly send to the selected stores.

Yes, you can always take down releases from the stores. In the TunePartner platform you are able to remove your music from any stores at any time.

Make sure to collect all metadata (WAV/MP3 files, ISRC codes, artist names and artwork), request your current distributor to take down all your music from the stores and upload all metadata into the TunePartner Platform.

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